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Brighter Futures Youth Research Project

The Brighter Futures Youth Research project started in 2014 to uncover the key issues and concerns of local young people. This information is used to develop youth specific services and programs, as well as inform the work of the local council, services and business more generally. The first Brighter Futures Research Report was release in 2015 leading to the establishment of the Tomorrow Festival in 2016.

Brighter Futures is a participative action research project, carried out by young people, about young people, for young people.   

Why was the program started?

The project was started due to a lack of information about the over 11,000 young people living in the Manningham area. It was clear that to ensure youth related services were relevant and effective regular research would need to be carried out.

Where and when does the program run?

The research is carried out across the Manningham area, utilising multiple research methods, including Vox Pop questionnaires, an online survey and focus groups. Researchers also went to places in the area where young people spend time, such as the Warrandyte Skate Park, The Pines and Doncaster Shoppingtown.  

What do young people get out of participating in the program?

The young people who carried out the research learnt project management and research skills they can apply throughout their careers. They also contributed to improving local youth services and bringing young people to the forefront of local council planning. 

How many people participated in the program?​

There were 2015 research participants in the first Brighter Futures Research Project. We are hoping that this number will increase in the next research project which is due to be begin in 2017.

To find out more on the Brighter Futures Youth Research Project download the Brighter Futures 2015 Report.pdf


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