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​​​​​​​​WHY NOT?

The question young people are asking…

The YMCA believes in the power of inspired young people. The problem is, the voices of young people are rarely heard. We want to change that.​​

About ‘Why Not’

The YMCA has established www.whynot.org.au as a platform for young people. Initially, the site will encourage and enable young people to contact those in power about the issue they would like addressed. From here, the YMCA hopes to evolve the site to become a beacon for young people wanting to be heard by society filled with resources, opportunities to identify issues and work towards solutions.​

We're asking Australia…Why Not?

​The Why Not campaign was created by the YMCA to help young voices be heard by those in power on the issues that matter to them. These are our first three issues.​

Mental Health & Wellbeing


Youth Empowerment

​Get Involved

Is there an issue facing young people that you think needs to be addressed? Do you have a solution to one of these problems? The more young people we make heard, the better our world and its future will be. Have your say today!


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