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​​​​​​​Manningham Young Leaders

Manningham Young Leaders are a group of young people (aged 15 - 21 years) who work on youth-led initiatives and projects across Manningham. During their 18-month term, our Young Leaders receive specific skills-training in Leadership and Project Management, including:

  •        Effective communication skills;
  •        Decision making;
  •        Public speaking;
  •        Conflict resolution;
  •        Teamwork and team building activities;
  •        Event management;
  •        Community development;
  •        Problem solving and initiative;
  •        Building relationships with community groups;

Our Young Leaders develop and deliver projects that celebrate the diversity and achievements of young people in Manningham whilst also acting as a consultative committee for Manningham City Council, working closely with Council and Councillors throughout the year, giving young people a voice on issues important to Manningham youth.

Through FReeZa grants provided by the Victorian Government, the young people have the opportunity to become a part of the Manningham Young Leaders committee to make decisions and lead in the staging of events for other young people in their local area. Being a part of the committee also builds self-confidence, creates and develops professional relationships, and provide opportunities to explore various education and employment pathways in the event management industry.

There is a strong focus on community and leadership, with each group of Young Leaders working on a national/international community development project.  Our 2017-18 Young Leaders will be participating in an Environmental Action Project in Far North Queensland, volunteering on projects in the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. 

We open recruitment for each new Young Leaders group at the beginning of ever year, with an official handover that ties in with the graduation of our outgoing leaders around Easter. We are currently recruiting for people to join our 2017 Manningham Young Leaders Committee!  We will be holding two information sessions in early 2017 for more information on how you can join this amazing program. Please visit our Upcoming Events for more details. 



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