​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Y Exercise

​The Y-Exercise Program is designed to provide opportunities for young people living with disabilities to access physical exercise sessions.

A qualified Fitness instructor facilitates a wide variety of sports and activities, ensuring that they are tailored to suit a variety of abilities and therefore every participant, regardless of their abilities is able to engage and participate.  

Why do we offer the Y-Exercise Program? ​

Some people with a disability are prone to becoming overweight or obese and may find it harder than other people in the population to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

For people with disabilities, some of the contributing factors that may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle may include the following:

  • A particular medical condition that affects the body's metabolism
  • Reduced mobility and lack of regular exercise
  • Reduced muscle tone (making it difficult to exercise)
  • Medications that may increase appetite
  • Eating habits that may be affected by depression, anxiety, boredom or frustration
  • Dependence on family members or carers to provide meals and access to community health centres
  • Poor knowledge of nutrition, weight management and healthy living.

​What does Y-Exercise include? 

​The aim of the Y-Exercise program is to engage young people in fun, social and safe physical activity, and in addition also improve their awareness of what constitutes a healthier lifestyle as well as building their knowledge and confidence in exercising.   

The qualified Fitness instructor and an experienced disability support worker both work with the group of Y-Exercise Participants, delivering weekly 1 hour exercise sessions which focus on not only improving the participants fitness  but also challenges and supports them to push themselves and to develop a multitude of exercise specific and socially specific skills.  Some of these include improved techniques, increase in ability or repetition of the exercise or activity, team work and communication.

The Details

WHO: Young people between the ages of 13-25 who have a disability and are interested in getting active and involved in exercise. 

WHERE: Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre, 139-153 Williamsons Road, Doncaster VIC 3108

                Level 2 Group Exercise room in the Pavilion Building. 

WHEN: Monday nights during the School terms (excluding public holidays)

TIME: 4:30pm - 5:30pm

COST:  $10.90 per class (paid in a term block)

How to get involved 

If you are a young person​ with a disability or someone who knows a young person with a disability who is interested in getting active and participate in exercise please Contact Us​.

STEP 2: 
The Disability Programs coordinator will organise the young person to come for a trial session of the program. The ​trial is necessary in order to assess whether the young person is happy and comfortable to commit, and also if it is appropriate for them participate in the program. 


If the Y-Exercise program is at full capacity of participants, the Disability Programs Coordinator will take down the young person's general details and enter them onto the program waitlist. 

​STEP 3:

The young person will then participate in the trial session with the rest of the Y-Exercise group. If the young person is happy to commit for the term, you will then be provided with a registration/payment and new participant information form to fill out and return to us. 

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