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​The YMCA Manningham Youth Mentoring program has been in place since 2010. The program has thrived, helping support amazing young people in the Manningham community by matching them with mentors from all walks of life, carefully selected by our team.

Funded through the 'Engage!' initiative from DHHS, our youth mentoring program works in collaboration with secondary schools in Manningham. Supported by recommendations from the State of Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, we believe that increased wellbeing encourages an increase in positive learning, promoting the mentoring program as a supplementary source of guidance and encouragement in education.


What is youth mentoring?

Youth mentoring provides a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement. A mentor is a positive role model who demonstrates healthy behaviours and is willing to spend quality time with a young person, without passing judgement while offering guidance based on experience and knowledge.

The Program

Y-Inspire! is a school based youth mentoring program which facilitates weekly mentoring sessions in collaboration with high schools in Manningham. The program is tailored towards assisting students who are at risk of being disengaged. Students are supported by our trained mentors and qualified program coordinator. All our program mentors are recruited through our established partnerships with tertiary institutes and local community organisations.

YMCA Manningham is a Safeguarding Children accredited organisation. All our mentors are carefully selected to ensure we prioritise our commitment to promoting children safety. Please click here to read more about Safeguarding Children.

Our mentors all receive training and are supported throughout the program. During the one-on-one mentoring sessions, mentees and mentors engage in a wide range of supervised activities.

Why Volunteer with YMCA Manningham?

 We provide YMCA Manningham Volunteer with an opportunity for both personal and professional growth through assisting with the delivery of programs and services. We value and appreciate the wonderful work of all our volunteers. You will also have the chance to make a valuable contribution to your community and join the Y family!


"I have learnt skills to communicate better and more effectively with my parents, resulting in more fair outcomes." – Mentee

"I love the way that over the course of our mentoring relationship little by little she opened up, I got to know more about her friends, interests, family dynamic and her hopes and dreams for the future." 

"The program has been successful for staff and students involved…The YMCA have not only met our needs but have exceeded our expectations." – School Welfare Leader


NB: The mentoring program is not a counselling program & the YMCA Manningham offer a separate, short term youth support/ counselling service available here.​ 


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