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Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Young CEO for the Day

The YMCA Young CEO for the Day initiative reflects the organisation’s belief in the power of inspired young people to positively impact communities, locally and globally.

As YMCA Manningham Young CEO for the day, Maverick will have the opportunity to raise an issue which he is passionate about and use the organisation’s networks and operations to create positive change in the community. ‘I'm looking forward to the opportunity to experience a position of high authority and work in collaboration with an experienced team (YMCA Manningham) to tackle a challenge of my choice freely and respectively” states Maverick.  

Mav is currently studying Conservation and Land Management at Melbourne Polytechnic and is very passionate about the environment as well as issues around youth training and employment. As a member of the Manningham City Council advisory board for open spaces and streetscapes, Mav is always eager to be a representative voice for local young people. He strongly believes in resolving local youth issues though increased youth participation in Manningham.

“We are really excited about having Maverick as our CEO for the Day and I’m really looking forward to taking a back seat for the day, listening hard to what the young people of our YMCA and the local community tell me is important to them, and helping them take action,” said Michele Rowse, CEO of YMCA Manningham.

YMCA Manningham provides a range of programs and services for the entire community, including specific opportunities for young people including Manningham Young Leaders, all abilities programs, youth support and mentoring.  With over 50% of YMCA Manningham’s workforce under the age of 30, the YMCA also provides employment and training opportunities for young people passionate about making a positive difference.  

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